By: R J Dickinson, II

Note to readers: 

This account of SLÛ-Bi` is only to be read by those who first have read the post entitled “Fast  and Furious on Bee Oak Road” dated May 27, 2021, by author Joanne Dickinson as told to her by my sibling.  My tale that follows is a mere anecdote.  Its intent is for amusement purposes only. 

Once upon a time there was a boy named SLÛ-Bi`. SLÛ-Bi` was a young apprentice,  studying under a very wise Grandmaster at a monastery of eastern philosophy and  enlightenment. The venerable monastery was located deep in the mountains of Calvary, about a day’s journey from SLÛ-Bi`s home in the Ha-lik (pronounced Hal-ek) region of the land. 

One day, after studying for many months, it was time for SLÛ-Bi`, his young brother Gifri, and their younger sister Refinej Nyl to begin their journey homeward. As the siblings approached the crossing at Kipling River, a great and terrible dragon appeared in the western sky. The dragon swiftly descended toward the terrified children intending to devour them in his fiery wrath. The menacing large beast taunted the children as he flew  by, arrogantly displaying his might and strength. He wished them to become paralyzed with fear before their demise. 

At that moment SLÛ-Bi` realized the power of his years of training under the Grandmaster. In an instant, he transformed into an Avatar-like state where he grew to ten times his normal size. His physical features became greatly enhanced and he gained the strength of a hundred lions. SLÛ-Bi` next drew his weapon, the haa-kee-stik (pronounced hockey stick) from its sheath.  Ironically, SLÛ-Bi` had previously considered the haa-kee-stik  to be a dreadfully heavy and awkward instrument. However, with the skill and precision of a master warrior, SLÛ-Bi` positioned himself into a slap shot position to wield his weapon backwards and parallel to the ground; he swung his weapon down and forward, rotating his hips, focusing on the beast and striking his brother Gifri with full force.  Gifri’s body was propelled like a huge puck into the mouth of the great dragon. The formerly dangerous beast choked on the mouthful of Gifri rendering his fiery furnace impotent. As the beast’s lifeless body crashed to the ground, Gifri, the unexpected hero of our story, was expelled from his mouth, unscathed and unharmed. 

As the dust and smoke began to settle, SLÛ-Bi“, now back in his normal state, Gifri, and Refinej Nyl rejoiced together in their victory over the dragon. They  decided it was now time to continue their journey home. 

As they approached the Kipling River the spirit of the Grandmaster appeared in the eastern sky. With a powerful, yet gentle voice, the ancient master offered words of great wisdom for all future readers of the tales of SLÛ-Bi` and Fast and Furious on Bee Oak Road… 

“Remember to consider this proverb when weighing the facts presented in these two  accounts…” 

“What is seen, and what is heard… 

    Is not always… what is.”

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