Family Secrets Are Funny, Aren’t They!

Just when I thought I had it all figured out and had learned as much about my paternal family as I possibly could, today’s autumn winds blew in yet a new direction and led me down an unexpected path not before taken.

We were returning from our local dog park with our pet “Cinder,” when I received a call from my Great-Grand-Aunt Audrey Grant. Our family story together began only nine years ago this Christmas when her brother Great-Grand-Uncle Maynard Chambers reached out to me about his father, who turns out, was my long estranged great grandfather, Frank Maynard Chambers. You can read my earlier posts about him and the genealogical brick wall he created for us in my much earlier posts from 2013.

In those posts, I happily was surprised that we had verified where great-grandfather Frank went to live and to learn about the new family he created in Las Vegas after his abrupt departure from the Maryland-District of Columbia areas and his wife of 23 years, Lottie Taylor. Deceased this month 54 years ago, Frank Maynard Chambers has still more information surfacing about him and the people in his life. This new information can be attributed to the ongoing genealogical research efforts of Great-Grand-Aunt Audrey (who, by the way, was a novice family historian in our initial conversations nine years ago). Today, in her late 70’s, she devotes many of her waking hours to her computer and her self-taught and greatly-enhanced genealogical research skills. The following table is one of the sources “Aunt Audrey” discovered on

Frank Maynard Chambers
Birth 26 July 1884
Marion, Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States

Christening 1 October 1893
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Death 28 October 1967
Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, United States
Burial 31 October 1967
Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, United States
Jennie Eva Rose

John Latta Chambers
Maude Johnston

Note the newest information, above, that lists Frank’s spouse as Jennie Eva Rose. Additionally, through the “District of Columbia Marriages, 1830-1921,” database (and a couple of newspaper articles in the former “The Evening Star,” and “The Baltimore Sun,” on August 6, 1904), at age 22, Frank M Chambers married Ms. Jennie Eva Rose (age 20) in the District of Columbia. These articles verify that my great-grandmother, Lottie Taylor, was not the first Mrs. Frank M. Chambers, when she married him on September 21, 1910, also in the District of Columbia.

As family sagas go, Frank Maynard Chamber’s story is still unfolding. More to follow as our research continues.

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