Our Friends, Family, Feelings, and Future

I’m sitting at my computer on a chilly Sunday afternoon feeling rather dispirited in a season where we should rejoice the almighty and gather with family and friends for quality times. Playing in the background as I write, I’m listening to 8 HOURS ✰ Christmas FIREPLACE ✰ ACOUSTIC GUITAR ♫ ☆ Christmas Music Instrumental. With these thoughts in mind, I have no idea where this post will take us. So, please bear with me on this one as I allow my raw feelings to surface.

In the big picture scheme of life I have so very much to be thankful for from God’s many graces to bounteous gifts of time, labors, and love from many in our family. Yet, as for many others in this world, the past couple of years have not been easy ones. We said goodbye to both my parents and despite the raging pandemic; the ugly and wanton politics; the contemptuous and intolerant derision with and among many people in our communities, including our biblical community, we have tried to maintain and even move forward in life and living. (Note, this is probably the first time I have ever written about these issues because I have tried to stay above the fray and to not acknowledge the depth and pain of the loss of my church family.)

With the passing of the matriarch and patriarch also came two new next generations, Cayde, a four-month-old baby boy and my great nephew; to Lydia, my great granddaughter who turns two in a few days. Some family have moved geographically and lovingly closer giving freely of their presence, and some family during these times have just naturally become even more bonded. Family remains the most important gift in my life–those present, those who have passed, and even those generations who became before me that I know only through my ongoing genealogical research.

Still, the circle of life goes on with us or without us contributing our best. Our family is now facing newly discovered illnesses that affect our heads and tear at our hearts. Fortunately, some members have only experienced mild cases of COVID as recent as these past couple of weeks. And, two others very close to me are battling cancers. There, I’ve said it. I am usually the one who always rises above and takes control in difficult situations. I’m praying that God above, receives my requests for help and provides His graces once again. I believe in Him and His plans for us all and that His plans will not harm us, but give us hope for a prosperous future. And, I remain grateful to my earthly parents for conveying all their life-altering gifts of knowledge, guidance, and wisdom that are helping me today to put one foot in front of the other as our family travels down this unknown pathway called “future.”

Although this post is much more somber than any I ever have written, my gift to you is that it encourages you to reach out to your family and friends during this season and to pray together for Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward All God’s creatures.

2 thoughts on “Our Friends, Family, Feelings, and Future

  1. I have lost several loved ones to cancer. I have also had the pleaser and hard work and the thrill of overcoming many pitfalls on our way. My husband and I together have battled and overcome his cancer when several Doctor along the way have expressed thier rather dim view of his future. My husband is is in the 6th year of cancer.freedom! Still we face the aftermath of the great surgery. He’s been left with 4th stage rental failure and tubes going from both kidneys to plasic bags that hang down his legs. They must be changed from the kidneys on out every two months and more often if they decide to slide out on their own. The colostomy bag on the front of his belly that is not temporary. We just went though dec.20 up to the 3d week of this Jan. With no working furnace. We’ve been though the great flood in Galesburg together at the start of his cancer treatments. We were forced out of our next home. And almost rebuilt a tiny home in a small town where we our desprite to stay in because we are both very disabled and we can’t move again. We don’t have bodies that can do it. In the ten years we’ve been together, he has lost two jobs and I lost my job of 22 years. And between all of these things we we’ve had every small disaster
    you can think of. Covid has hit three 3 of our extended family groups.I continously thank God for every time he sees us thought more hell on earth. God has shown me the way step by step. He puts the right path in front of me and we follow it together. God gave me the gift of empathy as a very small child and I see so much more than most around me. The world may not survive much longer. The evil and the good are in so many large battles and small battles everywhere I look. Most of all a century’s old mystery is being discovered on Oak Island. I so pray that many religious artifact will be there and that would bring so many souls back to God. I believe the end days are upon us. Please Dear God allow me to fight for good at your side. A great many people will be taken home. They are the innocent and won’t have to see this last mortal battle we face.


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