Writer And Adventurer -I’m Still Going Strong!

I have authored three children’s books since my last post here, and two of them have been released. My first book “If Only I Was Special” is about a little dog named Hashbrown, who has forgotten he is unique. His wish-filled quest for specialness is vividly illustrated in colorful images.

My second book, “Hi I’m Noah,” is based on a true family story. A six-year-old boy tries to understand his identity as a boy with skin and hair that differ from his friends and some of his family members. Because he loves and trusts his grandfather, he seeks answers and explanations from him.

My third book: “From Nabor With Love,” is another standarad 32-page children’s book packed full with colorful illustrations. This book, too, is based on real events on Easy Street. Nabor is a young tuxedo cat who took up residence among us.  In his door-to-door adventures, he illustrates how friendliness, love, and caring can make a better world. If possible, ‘d like to have this one released before the holiday season.

Visit the links and check them out. Please feel free to comment and/or review.

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