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Joanne Carol Boling Dickinson

In 1982, I moved with my husband from Prince George’s County, MD to Calvert County. We have three children, nine grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. Our modest home includes a 16-year-old cockapoo, a 3-year-old pitbull-shepherd mix, and a 2-year-old Russian Blue cat.  Aside from deer and squirrels visiting our yard, we also see moles, mice, stink bugs, camel crickets, and snakes.

A retired professional in marketing research and communications, I have been a leader in incorporating social media and the Internet into our products through innovative processes, procedures, and technologies.

As an autodidact, traveler, explorer, and a lover of challenges, I plan our families’ events, record their stories, identify family cultures and traits, and lead change. The following verse in Deuteronomy 32-7 struck me as fitting for what I am and do: “Remember the days of old; think about the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, and ask your elders, and they will tell you.” When the people were about to enter Israel, Moses reminded them that God had already blessed them numerous times in the past to have faith.

My family’s history is portrayed through the collection, authentication, clarification, recording, and publication of all relevant genealogical information. By sharing stories from my family units, I am able to connect spiritually with my family and honor those who have gone before me.

Readers of my blog know that my articles have become more than just a record of the history of my family. It is my privilege to share with the world our “unbounded” heritage. The articles I write provide a vivid, enlightening, and informative context for the comparison of who, where, and what we were 48 generations ago, to who, where, and what we are now.

Thank you to all the researchers, digitizers, historians, and contributors from all walks of life who have documented and preserved our historical records over the centuries, especially Ancestry.com with its public family trees, the United States Census Bureau, LDS Genealogical Databases, and the Library of Congress, National Archives, and other public libraries that maintain historical data and image collections; and, all sites and materials dedicated to promoting Americans’ heritage and their religious, moral, literary, and social cultures.

30 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Joanne, I was looking for traces of my DeMatha classmate and friend, David Neale, and stumbled across your remembrance of him. Skimbleshanks from Cats? Yes…I can see him shining in that role. I wish I had. As a gifted performer and activist, David left an impression on all whom he encountered. Thank you for all that you share on this lovely blog!


  2. Hi, Joanne.
    I am a Thornton descendant. My family traces to Fall Hill. William, Col Francis, Anthony Sr, Anthony Jr, Lt George, Peter, Miller, Joseph, John, James, myself. I would like to keep in touch with you, my email is cmweedin@gmail.com. Please contact me, I would love to talk more!
    Have a great day!
    Mechelle Thornton Weedin


  3. Hello- I am a descendant of Rev John Lothrop, through his son Samuel. I am very happy to find your site – have been trying to get more information about Lathrops in Susq County. I am descended from Spencer Lathrop, who was married to Clarissa Tupper. Their dau Clarissa Tupper Lathrop of Springville married Harry S Clark.


  4. I just discovered this today and I’m fascinated! I am descended from Mary Tapp (1671-1731) and Joseph Bragg (1670-1747). Mary Tapp was my 7th great grandmother! Thank you for sharing all that you do.


  5. Hello Joanne,
    I’m glad to have found your blog and am subscribing as of today.
    I was wondering whether I might use the picture you have of Heacham Hall

    and if so, how you would like me to credit it.
    I have a blog called London Heritage Hotspots (londonheritagehotspots.com) and I am offering my subscribers a link to a map of Pocahontas in London. This is a private online Google map I am just finishing creating. Although it’s almost all London sites, I am including Heacham and would like to show the hall.
    If that’s not possible, or if you prefer not, I understand! That’s why I am asking.
    All the best,


  6. Hello, I have enjoyed reading your research. I too am of the De Bolling Line. My ancestors lived in Bolling Hall in England. I have been tracking my ancestors to show my grandmother. However, I am not sure how our family connects to French royalty. If you don’t mind me asking. where did you uncover the research of our connection? What documentation? I read somewhere the billings came were related to Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, however I can not see how. Please share your thoughts.


  7. Do you have any information on a Rolfe – Barnett connection? My family verbal history says our William Barnett married a daughter of Thomas P Rolfe. I’ve found no connection but most people are so proud of their direct line to Pocahontas that they ignore other siblings. I really wish I had more time to dedicate to our genealogy, it really is fascinating. When you do make a connection, I just want to jump for joy.


  8. I’m a bit confused regarding Elizabeth Bolling. She is listed in my family tree as being married to Dr. William Gay (my grandmother was Marjorie Ellen Gay daughter of General Gay). Is Elizabeth Bolling the daughter of John Fairfax Bolling and Mary Kennon?


  9. Dear Mrs. Boiling

    First of all, congratulation for your wonderful and interesting blog. Surely it’s a useful tool for anyone who is researching about North American Celebrities.
    I’s Mikel Caro from Madrid, I’m going to travel to NYC to develope a researching project abou the artist Francis August Lathrop and, before, I just trying to find his descendants. Maybe they can show me more paintings by him or tell me something intereseting to my book. As you sure know, Mr. Lathrop was the brother of the writter George Parsons Lathrop (who married Mrs. Rose Hawthorne, about whom you post an interesting article).

    Everything that you can tell me about the location or contact data of Lathrop Familly, would ne useful.
    I’m at your disposal for anything that you need.
    Thanks Beforehand

    Best Regards

    Mikel Caro


    • As you might be aware there have been and remain many spellings for the Lathrop family over the centuries. If you haven’t already contacted the organization below, I suggest you do so. Unfortunately, my Lathrop connections passed with my maternal grandmother, Alice Lauretta Lathrop Ford. I look forward to learning more from your research. Thank you.

      Lothropp Family Foundation
      P. O. Box 462
      Barnstable, MA 02630-0462


  10. Do you know who has the copyright for the Eisenstaedt image of The Kiss published in Life Magazine, Aug. 14, 1945? I would like to reprint it in a journal issue I’m guest editing.


  11. Your photograph of the Braidwood Academy for the Deaf and Dumb is incorrect. The picture is that of Donaldsons Hospital for the Deaf and Dumb, West Coates, Edinburgh.
    ~The original Braidwood Academy in Edinburgh (1760-1783) was demolished in 1942.

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  12. Mrs. Dickinson, I just googled my father(Frank Maynard Chambers) and found your “My Family of Secrets.” What a wonderful surprise!! At the end of your article you show a picture of my father’s gravestone which uses the word “Father” and you speculate that he may have children while in Las Vegas. You were right. He had three children and I was the first. My name is Maynard Chambers…..I live in Portland, Oregon…..my home phone is 503-227-0411….my email is maynardchambers@gmail.com
    My sisters and I have pictures of Lottie and Helen. I am excited to find you and I hope to hear from you. Thank you so much for your research and the posting on wordpress.


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