My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

Much of what I am about to share with you, I gleaned from my DNA Story as provided to me by    Part 1 covers my DNA timeline from 1700-1725.  More posts will cover the remaining timeline that spans to 1925. Eighty-six percent of my DNA-matched ancestry originated in England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, Ireland, … Continue reading My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

The Thornton Family’s Fredericksburg Mansion – Part I

My Thornton Family History The Thornton Family is one of Virginia's distinguished Colonial families. A large branch of my family tree includes Thornton ancestors and spans 24 generations. My Thornton family members date back to 1314 in Bolling Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire, England when Robert DeBolling (my 16th paternal great-grandfather--Generation 2) married Elizabeth DeThornton in 1337 before the two … Continue reading The Thornton Family’s Fredericksburg Mansion – Part I