My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

Much of what I am about to share with you, I gleaned from my DNA Story as provided to me by    Part 1 covers my DNA timeline from 1700-1725.  More posts will cover the remaining timeline that spans to 1925. Eighty-six percent of my DNA-matched ancestry originated in England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, Ireland, … Continue reading My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

Life and Times of Edward Boling and Mary Wharton

Background Recently, I updated a surname report to cover all 12, 495 persons in my ancestral tree, which has grown from 10,772 since I produced my first post on surnames in 2014. Based upon my analysis of surnames, it turns out that my father's family was much larger than my mother's.  And, the gender ratio among … Continue reading Life and Times of Edward Boling and Mary Wharton

A Remembering People

Many of my paternal ancestors lived in and around the Chancellorsville Battlefield in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. My great-grandparents, and other family members, in fact, are buried in a small church cemetery on Ely's Ford Road. So these people and events are very near and dear to me. Fredericksburg Remembered Musings on history, public history, and … Continue reading A Remembering People