America’s Plaques–Endemic, Epidemic, & Pandemic

COVID 19 (Coronavirus) has consumed the media, politics, big pharma, the health industry, and too many facets of our lives for the past three years. I'm not aware of any families who have totally escaped it. has maintained a living clock dedicated to the global statistics for COVID 19 cases from January 22, 2020, … Continue reading America’s Plaques–Endemic, Epidemic, & Pandemic

Our Ancestors’ Died From What?

Death Certificates Validate Our Lives The primary purpose of a death certificate is to explain how or why people died. The only thing we know for sure is that people died because they were born; because they were mortal. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that roughly fifty million people in the world this year will … Continue reading Our Ancestors’ Died From What?

William Langson Lathrop–“The Pennsylvania Impressionist”

Father of New Hope, Pennsylvania Art Colony My sixth maternal cousin (2x removed), "The Pennsylvania Impressionist"  William Langson Lathrop (1859–1938) was born in Warren, Illinois, and raised at his family's farm in Painesville, Ohio, by his parents Byron P. Lathrop, a physician, and Isabella A. Langson Lathrop, who was of Irish descent and a lover of the arts. … Continue reading William Langson Lathrop–“The Pennsylvania Impressionist”

More Than a Few Names or Mere Numbers

As an addendum to this week's post What's In a Name?, I revised my Surname Report in Family Tree Maker™. This report shows that our family's tree (including my spouse's family) has 10,772 persons in it.  Of those persons (living and dead), 52 percent of them are male; making my database's percentage of males three percentage points higher than the … Continue reading More Than a Few Names or Mere Numbers

Getting to Know My Cousin – 5 Generations Later

We are so blessed that our 13-year-old granddaughter is an avid reader and also enjoys writing her own stories.  So, when she came to me a couple of weeks ago to say she had a social studies project and wanted to focus on proactive women from our past I just jumped with joy.  It just … Continue reading Getting to Know My Cousin – 5 Generations Later