How’s Your Pre-Christmas Spirit?

Have You Been Scrooged or Is Family Your Focus? How's your pre-Christmas spirit going this year?  Have you just about had it with all the hustle and bustle that leads up to the big day?  Has your focus been on the reason for the season or has societal pressure and extreme commercialism pulled you in? … Continue reading How’s Your Pre-Christmas Spirit?

Odd Christmas Customs From Newspaper Archives!

 "Old Christmas fare did not include the turkey, now the modern Christmas bird.  In olden days, a roasted peacock took its place on the festive board." Last week I wrote about the great newspaper archives at  I promised I would go back and take a closer look.  So I searched for the word Christmas … Continue reading Odd Christmas Customs From Newspaper Archives!

A Renaissance Christmas Dinner – Published 1660

It has become a tradition in our family for the past 10 years or so (passed down from my maternal grandmother, Loretta, my mom, Norma, as they got older) that my daughter-in-law and I shop and prepare food for about 30 loved ones on our special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Despite her full-time career, … Continue reading A Renaissance Christmas Dinner – Published 1660

A Time for Everything…

Ecclesiastes 3:1-9:  A Time for Everything 1There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: 2a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, 3a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and … Continue reading A Time for Everything…

Thanksgiving Invites–Anyone Dead or Alive

Who's On Your Guest List? How many times in life have you been asked; "If you could invite anyone dead or alive to dinner, who would be your quests?"  And sometimes this question has a follow-up or two: "Why?" And, "What would you say to them?" My Honored Guest List: I would first invite Jesus Christ … Continue reading Thanksgiving Invites–Anyone Dead or Alive

What’s on the Thanksgiving Table in your Home State?

My Blog's Second Year Anniversary Two years ago this week I wrote my first blog post.  My purpose was to collect, clarify, authenticate, preserve, and publish all relevant genealogical information intended as a legacy to my family.  I want to leave them with as complete and accurate an accounting of our family's past; to honor those who came before … Continue reading What’s on the Thanksgiving Table in your Home State?

Rated BP-14

This Post contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age When both your parents have Alzheimer's dementia you often live your life in the midst of turmoil with only an occasional few moments of reprieve from strife, unrest, anxiety, confusion, and other medical maladies.  That pretty much describes … Continue reading Rated BP-14

D’ya Ever Attend a “Reveal” Party?

  As 60 Minutes nonagenarian reporter Andy Rooney used to say; "D'ya ever..." Well, I'm saying it now; "D'ya ever attend a "reveal" party?"  I would bet Andy in all his 92 years never did.  Reveal parties are a new 21st-century phenomenon that began in the United States, possibly on the Today Show in 2010 when TLC's 19 … Continue reading D’ya Ever Attend a “Reveal” Party?

Really–Just How Important is Your Given Name?

In Act II, Scene II  of Shakespeare's 1597 play, Romeo and Juliet,  Juliet says in reference to Romeo's surname, Montague, that they should ignore his surname which is meaningless to them so they could be together. Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls, State-by-State I love infographics (graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended … Continue reading Really–Just How Important is Your Given Name?

We Just Didn’t Make This Stuff Up…Or, Did We?

Facebook Post on Origins of Expressions This morning my daughter shared a September 3, 2014, Facebook post created by Dan Steele (Dan Balam) of Norfolk, Virginia.  His post was an easy and fun read that got me to questioning whether the origins of the terms and phrases actually had been proven true or were myths … Continue reading We Just Didn’t Make This Stuff Up…Or, Did We?

Why do Americans and Canadians Celebrate Labor Day?

Reflections my Past Labor Days When I reflect on the meaning of Labor Day from my childhood years, I think: end of summer; back to school tomorrow; our family get-together's that always included outdoor picnics; softball, badminton, and other games; watermelon, potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, ice cream, and cake. And, in my … Continue reading Why do Americans and Canadians Celebrate Labor Day?

Happy 75th Anniversary to The Wizard of Oz Movie

Girls Day Out We had a girls' day out on Saturday, August 11--my granddaughter, daughter and me (+1 grandson), to celebrate my millennial grand daughter's 14th birthday.  While having lunch, I asked them to name a film or films that they had watched three times or more.  Naturally, the Wizard of Oz and its amazing … Continue reading Happy 75th Anniversary to The Wizard of Oz Movie

Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition?

Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition I was pleasantly surprised today when visiting the Internet to see a 1970 TV clipping--in full color--through my computer screen of a portion of a Bob Hope TV Special celebrating the 4th of July.  (Note that my computer screen is bigger than our first few black and white TV's--which by … Continue reading Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition?

The Family “Do You Know” Scale

Yesterday's post Family Stories that Bind Us included a few family questions from Emory University's Do You Know Scale.  Below are all the questions asked within Emory's study. I'm going to try them out on my family and see just how much we have communicated our stories among the generations--and their different spins on the information. … Continue reading The Family “Do You Know” Scale

Family Stories that Bind Us

Often when I have writer's block, I take time out to read what others are writing about or I simply google a theme that I have in mind. And, today, I discovered the "This Life" column that appears monthly in the Sunday Styles Section of the New York Times.   The article "Family Stories that Bind Us," … Continue reading Family Stories that Bind Us

Fredericksburg Fireworks: Your Guide to July Fourth

In Remembrance of My Paternal Family's Early Virginia Beginnings: July 3rd, 2014, 8:52 am BY REGINA WEISS / THE FREE LANCE-STAR The Fourth of July is right around the corner, with plenty of food and fireworks to go around. Here are some events to consider: HERITAGE FESTIVAL IN FREDERICKSBURG In its 42nd year, the Heritage Festival will … Continue reading Fredericksburg Fireworks: Your Guide to July Fourth

History of Easter

In under 4 minutes, the story of Easter from

Chi-Town Bound: The Wedding, Part I.

A Whirlwind in Chi-Town This weekend was a whirlwind of emotions, events, and changing environments.  On Thursday, April 10, husband, Bob, daughter, Jennifer, and I (representing the Maryland-based Boling-Dickinson-McDaniel families) departed from Reagan-Washington National Airport headed for Chicago, IL., to meet up with our Lynchburg-based Dickinson's for our eldest grandson, Joe's, wedding on Saturday. Food, Glorious … Continue reading Chi-Town Bound: The Wedding, Part I.

Saying Goodbye Forever to Blogging…

 Or, maybe just getting ready for April Fools Day... How often in our lives have we been the victims of a joke or prank and heard a "gotcha" from a friend or loved one on April 1, April Fools Day? The video below originally published on Jeremiah Warren's FaceBook page on April 1, 2013, promises … Continue reading Saying Goodbye Forever to Blogging…

“Life Interrupted–Navigating the Unexpected”

I "borrowed" this post's title, above, from Priscilla Shirer's 2011 inspirational book of the same title, as well as the opening description about it: "From telemarketers to traffic jams to twenty-item shoppers in the ten-item line, our lives are full of interruptions. They're often aggravating, sometimes infuriating, and can make us want to tell people … Continue reading “Life Interrupted–Navigating the Unexpected”