My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

Much of what I am about to share with you, I gleaned from my DNA Story as provided to me by    Part 1 covers my DNA timeline from 1700-1725.  More posts will cover the remaining timeline that spans to 1925. Eighty-six percent of my DNA-matched ancestry originated in England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, Ireland, … Continue reading My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

Life and Times of Edward Boling and Mary Wharton

Background Recently, I updated a surname report to cover all 12, 495 persons in my ancestral tree, which has grown from 10,772 since I produced my first post on surnames in 2014. Based upon my analysis of surnames, it turns out that my father's family was much larger than my mother's.  And, the gender ratio among … Continue reading Life and Times of Edward Boling and Mary Wharton

Back From the Future – Part 2

 A Quote from the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, June 2014: Christopher Columbus never reached the shores of the North American Continent, but European explorers learned three things from him: there was someplace to go, there was a way to get there, and most importantly, there was a way to get back. Thus began the European exploration of … Continue reading Back From the Future – Part 2

There’s Nothing Civil About War

General Robert E. Lee, the Man... Descended from several of Virginia's First Families, General Robert E. Lee was a well-regarded officer of the United States Army before the American Civil War. Born in 1807 to Revolutionary War hero Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee in Stratford Hall, Virginia, Robert Edward Lee seemed destined for military greatness. His decision … Continue reading There’s Nothing Civil About War

157 Years Later: CSA Sgt. Gideon W. Morris–Our “Battle of Antietam” Survivor

Freshly Fallen Bricks of My Morris Family Wall After searching to uncover more information about my maternal great grandmother's (Mary Susan MORRIS Ford) family, I once again stumbled and fell upon freshly fallen bricks of a wall I had pushed against for many years.  Until now, I primarily had focused on the origins of my Native American heritage through the Morris branch.  And then, … Continue reading 157 Years Later: CSA Sgt. Gideon W. Morris–Our “Battle of Antietam” Survivor

Fredericksburg Fireworks: Your Guide to July Fourth

In Remembrance of My Paternal Family's Early Virginia Beginnings: July 3rd, 2014, 8:52 am BY REGINA WEISS / THE FREE LANCE-STAR The Fourth of July is right around the corner, with plenty of food and fireworks to go around. Here are some events to consider: HERITAGE FESTIVAL IN FREDERICKSBURG In its 42nd year, the Heritage Festival will … Continue reading Fredericksburg Fireworks: Your Guide to July Fourth

The Thornton Family’s Fredericksburg Mansion – Part I

My Thornton Family History The Thornton Family is one of Virginia's distinguished Colonial families. A large branch of my family tree includes Thornton ancestors and spans 24 generations. My Thornton family members date back to 1314 in Bolling Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire, England when Robert DeBolling (my 16th paternal great-grandfather--Generation 2) married Elizabeth DeThornton in 1337 before the two … Continue reading The Thornton Family’s Fredericksburg Mansion – Part I

Remembering a 19th Century Educator…

My Paternal 2nd Cousin--5 times removed, from Linden, Amelia County, Virginia Anna Peyton Bolling (1836-1919) was born 177 years ago. At that time, her father, John Peyton Bolling, was 48 and her mother, Anne Field Gilliam, was 40.  Anna was the sixth of seven children born to Petersburg, Virginia farmers.  Anna had six siblings, namely: Mary … Continue reading Remembering a 19th Century Educator…

Railroaded in Colonial Virginia…

THANKFUL THURSDAY...PART 2 King George County, Port Royal, Virginia We are picking up from Part 1 of this post, dated January 30, 2013, in King George County, Virginia, meandering toward our final destination the Centre Hill Mansion Museum to do the annual January 24th Ghost Walk through the house originally built by Colonel Robert Bolling … Continue reading Railroaded in Colonial Virginia…

The Taylor’s of Culpeper, Virginia (1877-1945)

William Frazier TAYLOR, Jr. William Frazier Taylor, Jr., was my great grand uncle and brother to my paternal great-grandmother, Lottie L. Taylor Chambers. (It's uncanny, my brother John's son, Matthew Burton Boling, four generations later, is the spitting image of William as he appeared in the image on the left.) When William was born on … Continue reading The Taylor’s of Culpeper, Virginia (1877-1945)

Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

My 10th Paternal Great Grandfather Date of Birth: 6 May 1585 in Heacham Hall, Norfolkshire, Watkins Co., England Date of Death: 22 Mar 1622 (killed in Indian Massacre) in Jamestown, Virginia Colony; killed in a massacre  Marriage: 05 Apr 1614 (Age: 28) Jamestown, James, Virginia, USA to Princess Pocahontas Matoaka Rebecca POWHATAN (1595-1617) Children Thomas Powhatan ROLFE (1615-1675) Varina, Henrico County, The American South … Continue reading Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

Up Close and Personal in my Ancestor’s Home–The American Revolutionary War

Towns of Petersburg, Blandford, and Pocahontas and the suburbs of Ravenscroft and Bollingbrook become one town called Petersburg. (My 7th paternal great grandfather's home.) The colonial town of Petersburg, Virginia, was established by law in 1748. Petersburg elected John Banister (father-in-law of my 7th great grandfather), as it's first mayor in 1781. It achieved the dignity of … Continue reading Up Close and Personal in my Ancestor’s Home–The American Revolutionary War