Wild Times in “The Wilderness” of Spotsylvania

My paternal great grandfather was Edward "Bud" Vincent Bowling/Boling (1872-1946). He was born in Parker, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. According to the 1880 Census, "Vincent," as he was called at eight years old, lived on a tenant farm with his father Lawrence T. Boling (42), and his mother Sara Elizabeth Bettie Tapp (45), and his sisters … Continue reading Wild Times in “The Wilderness” of Spotsylvania

Family Matters…

As a result of the clean up and out of my parents items in their home for up to 61 years, to prepare for its sale, I made a specific promise/decision to myself and my children. That decision: not to leave my family with such a task when I go home to be with Our … Continue reading Family Matters…

Mom’s Address Book

I set mom's address/phone book aside about two months ago when we first started cleaning out our parents home of 60 years. She had always kept her cookbooks, hotpads, and address book in a drawer under her wall oven in the kitchen which was in close proximity to their wall phone and kitchen table. That's … Continue reading Mom’s Address Book

Keep, Toss, Donate, Pass On?

While going through my home office closet, I rediscovered my maternal grandmother's (Loretta Alice Lathrop Ford) suitcase that literally fell apart in my hands.  Years ago I had removed the small pictures and stored them in one of my photo boxes with her name on it.  But, left inside this dilapidated suitcase were still  two … Continue reading Keep, Toss, Donate, Pass On?

A Harbinger of Better Days to Come!

I based many of my 18 posts written in 2020 (to date) on these globally unique times of extreme stressors, severe disappointments, and immense sadnesses. I, for one, will gladly embrace 2021 with anxious yet apprehensive hope for our world's future, and trust the rest to God. A positive sign that life goes on and … Continue reading A Harbinger of Better Days to Come!

2020–A Tough Year and Formidable Fall Cleanup

During this month of September 2020, a few of us "Boling/Dickinson's" have been going daily to our parents home of 60 years to declutter it and to let go of family treasures before readying the property to go on the market.  This task was definitely not our usual fall cleanup.   Following our recent losses and … Continue reading 2020–A Tough Year and Formidable Fall Cleanup

Go Rest High on That Mountain

Go Rest High on That Mountain Author:  Vincent Grant Gill It's been three weeks today, Saturday, September 12, 2020, since I told dad, "I love you, and am proud to have been your daughter, and you, my father."  In fact, several in our family are struggling daily to get beyond the visible physical and emotional … Continue reading Go Rest High on That Mountain

For Our Dad, with Love

Dads give children a safe place to grow, protected from the winds and sheltered from the rains.  Only when it’s time to teach the lesson of living does a good dad consent to let go.  Dad started his fatherly journey extremely young (when his mother abandoned her husband and three children when dad was just … Continue reading For Our Dad, with Love

Obituary: Frank Burton Boling: 12/07/1928-08/22/2020

Frank Burton Boling, age 91; five generation family patriarch; a 60-year-resident of the Berkshire Community within District Heights-Forestville, MD, passed away on Saturday, August 22, 2020 at Calvert Health Medical Center, Calvert County, MD.  Frank’s wife of 72 years, Norma Florence Ford Boling, age 90, preceded him in death on March 16, 2018.  Frank was … Continue reading Obituary: Frank Burton Boling: 12/07/1928-08/22/2020

My Sandlot Days…

By Aaron McDaniel - August 22, 2020 "1993 Sandlot Kids" Recently my teenage grandson, Aaron, was browsing Facebook and came upon a post with a picture of the Sandlot kids that included the following quote: "At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went out to play together for the last time and … Continue reading My Sandlot Days…

“A Century of Suffrage: The New York Times – August 18, 2020

Suffragists in front of the White House in 1917.Credit...Library of Congress The first White House picketers were suffragists. Through a world war and a flu pandemic, they held up signs with slogans like, “Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?” “They wanted to be the first thing the president saw every morning and the … Continue reading “A Century of Suffrage: The New York Times – August 18, 2020

The Spanish Flu, (AKA, the 1918 Flu Pandemic)

As my dad lies in Calvert  County Hospital's ICU, where no visitors are allowed, I find a curious need to return to writing--not necessarily about our family's history as I usually do, but rather, to focus on other larger world issues for a momentary diversion.  And this time, it's about our impending 2020-2021 school year … Continue reading The Spanish Flu, (AKA, the 1918 Flu Pandemic)

Another Visit to Lottie’s Cardboard Box of Momentos

It's been six years since I tried to identify people or places in my paternal great-grandmother Lottie Taylor Chambers' photo box.  On my last visit, (July 1, 2014), I wrote about a poem that I knew had been written by Lottie's hand. In many instances these photos and momentos are over 100 years old.  Until … Continue reading Another Visit to Lottie’s Cardboard Box of Momentos

The Battle of Wilderness Farm – May 5-7, 1864

Many of my paternal ancestors lived in Spotsylvania County and, in fact, on the Wilderness Farm (my 2nd great-grandmother "Bettie Tapp [1834-1900] who married Lawrence T. Boling [1838-1910]). The following video is tailer from the new 3-part mini series on the History Channel about the Civil War Battle of Wilderness Farm [May 5-7, 1864], then … Continue reading The Battle of Wilderness Farm – May 5-7, 1864

Dogs Are Family, Too! – Part 6

It has been a mere seven months since we adopted Cinder Ella from Puppy Paws Rescue of Maryland. She has enamored us with her kindnesses, intelligence, playfulness, and gentleness.  She truly is a significant member of our family.  And her affection and attention to us has helped us better cope with these unusual Coronavirus days … Continue reading Dogs Are Family, Too! – Part 6

“United we stand; Divided we fall!”

As so many others are doing during this now fifth month of the global Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, I am turning to social media to maintain connections with family and friends.  In recent days, our millennial grandchildren have stepped forward with their voices about these unique times in our world's history.   I find their … Continue reading “United we stand; Divided we fall!”

Could Tobacco Cure Coronavirus?

Today is Wednesday, April 15, 2020.  Today's Coronavirus updates from Worldometers: Coronavirus Cases:    2,044,221 Active Cases:             1,407,599 Deaths:                          131,240 Recovered:                   505,282 For as long as I can remember people … Continue reading Could Tobacco Cure Coronavirus?

2020–A Year Without Equal for Most!

So far, 2020 has been the year of all years--one of a kind without equal for most of us! Beginning in December 2019, in Wuhan, China, a new coronavirus began appearing.  It was named Covid-19, a shortened form of “coronavirus disease of 2019.” No one on earth has an immunity to it because no one … Continue reading 2020–A Year Without Equal for Most!

History Will Remember When The World Stopped

For days I have had writer's block.  I just feel overwhelmed by the clutter of the chaos that abounds our world socially and economically due to the coronavirus pandemic and probably need time to clear my head and emotions.  I also feel like I am missing huge opportunities to record my raw reactions during this … Continue reading History Will Remember When The World Stopped

How’s Your Standard For Living?

How often have you stepped back to look from the outside-in to remember all those perfect times in your life?  Was it that expensive video game that Santa brought you?  Your first kiss, graduation day, that great job you landed, your wedding day, the birth of your children? A lot of firsts and yet all … Continue reading How’s Your Standard For Living?