My Heritage: A View From The “Great” American Indian Wars

My post of January 12, 2013, mentioned my maternal great-grandfather, John Carpenter Ford, from Wake County, Raleigh, North Carolina.  John's U.S. Army Enlistment Records of August 14, 1888, show his date of birth as January 15, 1864, which would have been just one year before "The 'Great' American Indian Wars began (1865-1890). His enlistment record … Continue reading My Heritage: A View From The “Great” American Indian Wars

Coincidence or Destiny?

Census records from 1870-1900 reveal that my maternal great grandfather, John Carpenter Ford (1864-1961)--one of the last of 2 survivors of 19th Century Indian Wars and infantryman of Company D., 17th Infantry--was born and raised just off of Forestville Road in Forestiville, NC --known since the beginning of the 20th century as Wake Forest. In 1960, nearly … Continue reading Coincidence or Destiny?