“A Tale of Two Bostons “

When corresponding with those from "across the pond," or elsewhere in the world, I sometimes find it necessary to do side research within our topic of discussion. Quite often, I experience an "Aha moment" of enlightenment. Today was such the case. Here's a part of the message that I didn't quite grasp: "Last summer 2013 Boston … Continue reading “A Tale of Two Bostons “

Revisiting–Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather

Preserved--The 435-Year-Old John Rolfe Family Bible Christine Dean, 30 year resident of Heacham, England, and I have been corresponding for the past several months, following her interesting comments that added greatly to my two-year-old blog post titled "Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather."  It seems that Christine has been gathering information about John Rolfe, Chief … Continue reading Revisiting–Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather