“We’re On A Mission From God,” – Days 7 and 8

It's very hard to believe that today, Friday, July 3, 2015, will be our team's final full day of simple acts of obedience to God to help bring hope and life change to thousands of Honduran people. Some Of Our Simple Acts of Kindness This Past Week-- We:  Installed 4  latrines and out houses  Installed and/or maintained  17 … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God,” – Days 7 and 8

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 6

Day 6 - Thursday, July 2, 2015 So many remarkable moments, so many exceptional memories--from the instant God put it into my heart to travel to Honduras and be just one helper for just one week at the El Ayudante Campus where changing lives and transforming communities happens on a regular basis, with such total concerted and dedicated … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 6

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 5

Here's something you might have a little fun with.  It is a Google Maps photosphere (shot in February 2015).  It lets you freely look up, down, and all around to explore the entire El Ayudante campus. Day Five - Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Day five with our El Ayudante 2015 team of ordinary families and … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 5

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 4

Sharing a Profound Moment I must begin today's post by first taking a step backwards for just a second--back to the close of our team meeting last night to tell you of yet another very profound moment we all shared. We had just started walking away from the meeting when up until this point, mild mannered Matt Rugh, … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 4

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 3

If you are unfamiliar with my title phrase for this series of posts, I thought I would fess up now and tell you this was a famous line spoken by Dan Akroyd in the 1980 classic movie "The Blues Brothers."  However catchy the quote, or silly, the movie, I sincerely believe that our 2015 Honduras Team and … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 3

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 2

Here we are in tropical Aldea lo de Reina (the queen village), just 10 miles outside of the city of Comayaqua, Honduras during its so-called rainy season (April through October), where the average high temperature is 90 humid degrees.  And, where June through November is the most likely time for hurricanes to occur.  And, we're … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 2

“We’re On a Mission From God” – Day 1

And, We're Off... The past 10 days or so have been very exciting, hectic, happy, sad, and life-changing ones. Over the next few days, I will draw from my journal notes to share my times with you.   Starting at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 27th when we got up to get ready to leave … Continue reading “We’re On a Mission From God” – Day 1

Understanding Luxury

We all could use more than a few moments to occasionally ponder what luxury is and is not in our lives and how we can help others in need… The Howard Family (Mark and Tracy and their three young children, Kai, Riley and Jordan), are beautiful examples of people living their lives to help glofiy God through their intentional relationships and services to the poverty-stricken people who live in Comayagua, Honduras. Mark and Tracy, while working with the El Ayudante Missions are Chesapeake Church’s staffing extension there. Regularly throughout the year, Chesapeake Church members visit the Howard Family and support El Ayudante’s efforts. This year, it’s our turn, and I am so looking forward to my eminent few moments to lend a hand painting, digging latrines, setting up water filters, providing vacation bible school for the children, attending their local church services, and most of all sharing loving experiences in a culture who’s luxury is so very different from ours. Thank you, El Ayudante, The Howards, Chesapeake Church, and the people of Comayagua, Honduras.


I am doing research for a class the doctor at Clinica El Ayudante is doing for parents of malnourished kids in our area.  I am sitting here reading about what it is like to try and eat healthy when you don’t have many resources.  I pause, and realize I am hungry.  I had a good workout with a friend this morning, and apparently I didn’t eat enough breakfast.  Something to do with three little guys wanting to play soccer, and trying to take a shower within the small window where they are happily playing together.  I go to my kitchen and open the cupboard, which is full of healthy and yummy choices.  Maybe I’m not hungry, I’m thirsty. So I go to my water cooler and fill my clean bottle with crystal clear, filtered, cold water.  All this time, my mind is processing what I have been reading.

I have…

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