Dogs Are Family, Too!

To borrow just a few words from my good friends at Google, "the loyalty, affection, and exploits" of my dogs throughout my years on this earth have inspired a rich body of true, sometimes hilarious and sometimes sad stories that have only added to my life events.  My blog would be incomplete without at least a … Continue reading Dogs Are Family, Too!

ISO Ancestral Gifts and Talents: I’ve Got the Music In Me, Part 7

This post continues a discussion I began on FaceBook about three months ago, "Has anyone documented gifts and talents, especially musicality of Bolling ancestors?"  The post received about 100 views and several responses from a dozen or so descendants of the Bolling family.  So, I thought I would summarize the anecdotal information below and include a … Continue reading ISO Ancestral Gifts and Talents: I’ve Got the Music In Me, Part 7

Busted “Brick Wall” Reveals More “Chambers”

It's absolutely exhilarating to bust through a genealogical brick wall and reveal more "Chambers" that until now had been hidden from our family. Since 1980 when I first started manually compiling our history I had gleaned only limited information about my dad's maternal Chambers' family from Pennsylvania. If you read my post from a couple … Continue reading Busted “Brick Wall” Reveals More “Chambers”

Tobacco, Slavery, Earthworms, Honey Bees; Grains, Livestock, Disease…Oh My!

After reading one of my posts, a friend suggested I take a look at the book 1493... by Charles C. Mann. Only in a few pages and I had a rude awakening.  It appeared to me that up to this point I had merely been scratching the surface when describing our family's roots, branches, history, … Continue reading Tobacco, Slavery, Earthworms, Honey Bees; Grains, Livestock, Disease…Oh My!

Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather

Johannes Eustacius "John" Rolfe, Father of John Rolfe, Jr. Who Married Pocahontas Birth: Oct. 17, 1562, Heacham, Norfolk, England Death: Nov. 29, 1594, Heacham,  Norfolk, England (Age 32) Buried:  Dec. 1, 1594, Heacham Church, Heacham, Norfolk, England Norfolk County in which Heacham resides is known for its industry in Lavender. It is thought that settlers … Continue reading Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather

Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

My 10th Paternal Great Grandfather Date of Birth: 6 May 1585 in Heacham Hall, Norfolkshire, Watkins Co., England Date of Death: 22 Mar 1622 (killed in Indian Massacre) in Jamestown, Virginia Colony; killed in a massacre  Marriage: 05 Apr 1614 (Age: 28) Jamestown, James, Virginia, USA to Princess Pocahontas Matoaka Rebecca POWHATAN (1595-1617) Children Thomas Powhatan ROLFE (1615-1675) Varina, Henrico County, The American South … Continue reading Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

Up Close and Personal in my Ancestor’s Home–The American Revolutionary War

Towns of Petersburg, Blandford, and Pocahontas and the suburbs of Ravenscroft and Bollingbrook become one town called Petersburg. (My 7th paternal great grandfather's home.) The colonial town of Petersburg, Virginia, was established by law in 1748. Petersburg elected John Banister (father-in-law of my 7th great grandfather), as it's first mayor in 1781. It achieved the dignity of … Continue reading Up Close and Personal in my Ancestor’s Home–The American Revolutionary War

Five Generations Together, If Only For A Day!

Easter 2013  Easter always has meant church first and giving thanks to Jesus for his sacrifices for us, then spending the day with our earthly family of loved ones, breaking bread together, hunting for Easter eggs, and giving everyone—young to old--a chocolate Easter bunny on their way home. This year, we are especially fortunate because … Continue reading Five Generations Together, If Only For A Day!

Pipers Piping, Ladies Dancing, and Lords a Leaping

And we’re off to Scotland in our ‘Reflections of the past and mirrors to the future…’ It’s a wee country, full of contradictions and BIG surprises!  In Scotland, you can… See tiny, stone cottages nestled at the foot of huge, rugged mountains Watch ominous steel-grey clouds part suddenly to reveal vivid blue skies and bright sunshine Look … Continue reading Pipers Piping, Ladies Dancing, and Lords a Leaping

Exposing Inner Spirits from Our Pasts

" just write a simple post..." I just finished responding to a fellow blogger 's comments to my Dad-Daughter Relationships post.  She was thanking me for my "moving words" and giving me encouragement, too, during this season in my life with my octogenarian dad.  And, not so coincidentally, I was readying to write today's post, and, at this … Continue reading Exposing Inner Spirits from Our Pasts

Dad-Daughter Relationships

Two happenings over the past couple of days prompted this post: The first was intended to be a routine doctor's appointment for my 84 year old dad, Frank Burton Boling. It was a follow up for a sore that required special wound care because of dad's diabetes and peripheral artery disease. As it turns out, … Continue reading Dad-Daughter Relationships

Bowlingtown, Kentucky–A Lost Communiy, but not Forgtten

This post tells the story of the Bowling's/Boling's and Bowlingtown-- a story as viewed by ancestors and living relatives; it includes a famous colonizer; a single woman's efforts to keep Bowlingtown and its families on the map and in our memories; and, a local newspaper's documentary about them all. A Brief History Daniel Boone, the … Continue reading Bowlingtown, Kentucky–A Lost Communiy, but not Forgtten

It’s a Small World…

A Follow-On to I’ve Got the Music in Me–and Oh, How it Moves Me! – Part 3 On February 25, 2013, I published a blog I’ve Got the Music in Me–and Oh, How it Moves Me! – Part 3.  It included a song with lyrics sung by C. Daniel Boling, who shares the surname,talents and heritage of the Boling family. … Continue reading It’s a Small World…

Walt Whitman’s Battles of Chancellorsville: Horrific Wounds, Night Fighting, and Other “Strange and Fearful Pictures”

Mysteries and Conundrums blogs about Civil War Battles in Virginia stir deep emotions in me as I try to imagine the fear. horrors, and impact of families during these times. The Bolling family, my grandfather, 3 great grandfathers and their families (descendants from the Bolling family originally from England) and descendants of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, lived for decades (1802-1946) on Elys Ford Road immediately adjacent to major Civil War Battles at Chancellorsville, Five Forks, and the Wilderness Farms. In fact the now infamous “Widow Tapp” was my 3rd great grandmother. The bulk of the Bolling descendants also lived in Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties, and in Petersburg. Where Widow Tapp lived a simple and poor life in Spotsylvania County, Robert Bolling IV in 1823 built the Bollingbrook Mansion, known today as Centre Hill Mansion Museum. Thank you again for these wonderful posts.

Mysteries & Conundrums

from: Harrison

This year’s sesquicentennial commemorations of the Battle of Chancellorsville will build upon long traditions of eyewitness, published narrative and non-eyewitness scholarship.  Yet I’ve been fascinated lately to realize that Chancellorsville inspired Walt Whitman to make, forcefully, one of his earliest contrarian forecasts for writing about the Civil War, a view that he later expressed in the now-famous sentence, “The real war will never get in the books.”

Whitman’s longest-known rumination on Chancellorsville, dated May 12, 1863, asked

Of scenes like these, I say, who writes—who e’er can write, the story?  Of many a score—aye, thousands, North and South, of unwritten heroes, unknown heroisms, incredible, impromptu, first-class desperations—who tells?  No history, ever—No poem sings, no music sounds, those bravest men of all—those deeds.  Nor formal General’s report, nor print, nor book in the library, nor column in the paper, embalms the bravest, North or South, East or West.


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Two Pence for Your Thoughts…

Getting to Know the Origins of the Lowthorpe/Lo-Lathrop Family Line My maternal grandmother, Alice Lauretta Lathrop Ford came from the Lowthorpe/Lathrop family line. To put into context her family's origins, we need to better comprehend the geographies and the commmunities in which our ancestors lived before arriving in the colonies. And, this required more study … Continue reading Two Pence for Your Thoughts…