Our World Is Full Of Circles

Our world is so very large and yet we seem to travel in circles For example, today I had an absolutely delightful and rare lunch date at a small cafe at Friendship Maryland's Herrington Harbor South Marina Resort on the Chesapeake Bay.  My daughter and I joined a mutual friend who we have had only limited contact with … Continue reading Our World Is Full Of Circles

A Poem to Me Mudder

Friday, May 14, 2021: This post that I wrote eight years ago just prior to father's day awakened my emotions once again.  This Father's Day will be our family's first without our patriarch.  In addition to COVID, lack of civility toward each other and even racist- and political-based civil unrest leaving coworkers, family, and friends … Continue reading A Poem to Me Mudder

OBITUARY: Ruth May Owens Pyles

Obituary: Ruth May (Owens) Pyles: 10 Jul 1943 - 4 Apr 2013--69, of Capitol Heights, MD on Thursday, April 4, 2013, at Georgetown University Hospital. Beloved mother of Robert (Melissa), William (Linda), Samuel (Doris), Charles (Elaine), Matthew (Jackie), and Christine (Carlton). Also two brothers, Leslie and Robert; 13 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; and a companion of … Continue reading OBITUARY: Ruth May Owens Pyles

That Time We Went Hunting…

A Story From Around the Kitchen Table As we sat around the kitchen table this morning, our forty-something son told us a story today that we never had heard from him before. It seems two young men, he and a buddy, went into the woods deep behind a cousin's home one late Friday afternoon to … Continue reading That Time We Went Hunting…

Best Friends Forever–What Can Be More Important?

Sunday was another glorious day for us. My lifelong friend since we were toddlers was in town from Rhode Island. And, we spent most of the day together. Bob and I drove to her sister’s home in historic Mount Airy, Maryland, about 75 miles from where we live. The first thing we did was hug! … Continue reading Best Friends Forever–What Can Be More Important?

Diversity Among Friends in the 1950s

My maternal grandmother (mamma) Alice Loretta Lathrop Ford and her son, my Uncle John Austin Ford, were known for liking people and keeping them close. A few of these people stand out in my memories from the 1950s (in no specific order). Robert Peterson, “Pete”: A 30ish, handsome, slightly built man of American Indian descent … Continue reading Diversity Among Friends in the 1950s