Christmas Traditions in Our Nation’s Capital

One of my former colleagues posted this article from a pamphlet he picked up at the Mary Surratt House Museum titled, “Christmas of Yesterday: A History of Our Treasured Traditions and Holiday Customs.” (If you recall, Mary Surratt was an alleged member of the Abraham Lincoln assassination conspiracy and holds the dubious distinction of being the first … Continue reading Christmas Traditions in Our Nation’s Capital

“We’re On A Mission From God,” – Days 7 and 8

It's very hard to believe that today, Friday, July 3, 2015, will be our team's final full day of simple acts of obedience to God to help bring hope and life change to thousands of Honduran people. Some Of Our Simple Acts of Kindness This Past Week-- We:  Installed 4  latrines and out houses  Installed and/or maintained  17 … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God,” – Days 7 and 8

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 6

Day 6 - Thursday, July 2, 2015 So many remarkable moments, so many exceptional memories--from the instant God put it into my heart to travel to Honduras and be just one helper for just one week at the El Ayudante Campus where changing lives and transforming communities happens on a regular basis, with such total concerted and dedicated … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 6

“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 4

Sharing a Profound Moment I must begin today's post by first taking a step backwards for just a second--back to the close of our team meeting last night to tell you of yet another very profound moment we all shared. We had just started walking away from the meeting when up until this point, mild mannered Matt Rugh, … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 4

“We’re On a Mission From God” – Day 1

And, We're Off... The past 10 days or so have been very exciting, hectic, happy, sad, and life-changing ones. Over the next few days, I will draw from my journal notes to share my times with you.   Starting at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 27th when we got up to get ready to leave … Continue reading “We’re On a Mission From God” – Day 1

Have You Ever Made A Bucket List?

Has My Life Really Been About the "tail wagging the dog"? Several times throughout my life I have thought about making a bucket list.  For whatever the reason(s), I always come up blank.  It's not that I have lived my life to its fullest, or done everything I ever wanted to do, but I just can't … Continue reading Have You Ever Made A Bucket List?

Daily Prompt: The Normal

The Normal--a Coincidence--a Good Thing, A Bad Thing, Neither? It's more than coincidence when the daily prompt request, "The Normal," falls on the heels of the end to a 7-week teaching series at my church on "The Real Normal."  So, feeling compelled to respond from a higher authority, and with the help of my church … Continue reading Daily Prompt: The Normal

Scientists Discover “God’s Bathtub”

This morning I was communing with nature sitting in a glider under a pergola on my freshly stained deck with birds eating from a feeder not five feet away.  Absorbing the sunshine and feeling the occasional ever so gentle breeze wisp across my face, I was thinking about this glorious day and just how beautiful … Continue reading Scientists Discover “God’s Bathtub”

Believe it or Not–We Learned this in Church Today!

the real normal: the real problem I usually do not post religious messages on my blog because we all know that religion and politics can be off-putting topics.  But, today's exercise at church was really fun and I wanted to share the exercise with you.  So whether your religious beliefs and mine agree, just know … Continue reading Believe it or Not–We Learned this in Church Today!

Dad-Daughter Relationships

Two happenings over the past couple of days prompted this post: The first was intended to be a routine doctor's appointment for my 84 year old dad, Frank Burton Boling. It was a follow up for a sore that required special wound care because of dad's diabetes and peripheral artery disease. As it turns out, … Continue reading Dad-Daughter Relationships