Our Mission Trip–God’s Plan, In God’s Time!

This post begins with our caregiving plans for mom and dad about two weeks out before we would leave for Comayagua, Honduras.  With our back up and stepped up plans for their caregiving during our absence, we thought we had all our bases covered. When, in fact, it was God, who from the beginning guided us through his plans … Continue reading Our Mission Trip–God’s Plan, In God’s Time!

“Life Interrupted–Navigating the Unexpected”

I "borrowed" this post's title, above, from Priscilla Shirer's 2011 inspirational book of the same title, as well as the opening description about it: "From telemarketers to traffic jams to twenty-item shoppers in the ten-item line, our lives are full of interruptions. They're often aggravating, sometimes infuriating, and can make us want to tell people … Continue reading “Life Interrupted–Navigating the Unexpected”

A Poem to Me Mudder

A Prelude to Father's Day 2013 My dad, now 84, has always had a great sense of responsibility toward family, friends, neighbors, community, and sometimes even strangers in need.  He follows the letter of the law without ever once bending a rule. He dots all his I's and crosses all his T's.  But when it … Continue reading A Poem to Me Mudder