Introducing Beau…Part 4, Dogs are Family, too!

Contributing Author:  My  Daughter, Jennifer My 18th Birthday Present It was November 1991, I had just started college two months before and my brothers were already out of the house when Mom and Dad brought Beau home to me as a birthday present. He was a cute puff of grey, black, brown and white fur … Continue reading Introducing Beau…Part 4, Dogs are Family, too!

My Life’s Five Most Embarrassing Moments

In no specific order: I was 7, some people referred to me as being very demure for my age, and I was usually seen and not heard (because my Great Grandfather preferred children this way).  My Uncle John, Grandfather, Roy, and Dad, Frank, had just returned to the farm in Glenn Dale, Maryland, with a … Continue reading My Life’s Five Most Embarrassing Moments

OBITUARY: Ruth May Owens Pyles

Obituary: Ruth May (Owens) Pyles: 10 Jul 1943 - 4 Apr 2013--69, of Capitol Heights, MD on Thursday, April 4, 2013, at Georgetown University Hospital. Beloved mother of Robert (Melissa), William (Linda), Samuel (Doris), Charles (Elaine), Matthew (Jackie), and Christine (Carlton). Also two brothers, Leslie and Robert; 13 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; and a companion of … Continue reading OBITUARY: Ruth May Owens Pyles

Dad-Daughter Relationships

Two happenings over the past couple of days prompted this post: The first was intended to be a routine doctor's appointment for my 84 year old dad, Frank Burton Boling. It was a follow up for a sore that required special wound care because of dad's diabetes and peripheral artery disease. As it turns out, … Continue reading Dad-Daughter Relationships