“We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 4

Sharing a Profound Moment I must begin today's post by first taking a step backwards for just a second--back to the close of our team meeting last night to tell you of yet another very profound moment we all shared. We had just started walking away from the meeting when up until this point, mild mannered Matt Rugh, … Continue reading “We’re On A Mission From God” – Day 4

Thanksgiving Invites–Anyone Dead or Alive

Who's On Your Guest List? How many times in life have you been asked; "If you could invite anyone dead or alive to dinner, who would be your quests?"  And sometimes this question has a follow-up or two: "Why?" And, "What would you say to them?" My Honored Guest List: I would first invite Jesus Christ … Continue reading Thanksgiving Invites–Anyone Dead or Alive

History of Easter

In under 4 minutes, the story of Easter from History.com

Daily Prompt: The Normal

The Normal--a Coincidence--a Good Thing, A Bad Thing, Neither? It's more than coincidence when the daily prompt request, "The Normal," falls on the heels of the end to a 7-week teaching series at my church on "The Real Normal."  So, feeling compelled to respond from a higher authority, and with the help of my church … Continue reading Daily Prompt: The Normal

Five Generations Together, If Only For A Day!

Easter 2013  Easter always has meant church first and giving thanks to Jesus for his sacrifices for us, then spending the day with our earthly family of loved ones, breaking bread together, hunting for Easter eggs, and giving everyone—young to old--a chocolate Easter bunny on their way home. This year, we are especially fortunate because … Continue reading Five Generations Together, If Only For A Day!