Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition?

Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition I was pleasantly surprised today when visiting the Internet to see a 1970 TV clipping--in full color--through my computer screen of a portion of a Bob Hope TV Special celebrating the 4th of July.  (Note that my computer screen is bigger than our first few black and white TV's--which by … Continue reading Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition?

OBITUARY: Ruth May Owens Pyles

Obituary: Ruth May (Owens) Pyles: 10 Jul 1943 - 4 Apr 2013--69, of Capitol Heights, MD on Thursday, April 4, 2013, at Georgetown University Hospital. Beloved mother of Robert (Melissa), William (Linda), Samuel (Doris), Charles (Elaine), Matthew (Jackie), and Christine (Carlton). Also two brothers, Leslie and Robert; 13 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; and a companion of … Continue reading OBITUARY: Ruth May Owens Pyles

Guns in Action Movie Scenes Replaced with Thumbs-up!

Guns in Action Movie Scenes Replaced with Thumbs-up! I reblogged this because gun safety and control are topical; the idea of replacing guns with thumbs was a clever one; the morphing from gun to thumb makes the pic funny, and the topic fits perfectly into my category called--Oddities and Antiquities. Some movie stills or posters … Continue reading Guns in Action Movie Scenes Replaced with Thumbs-up!