20 Signs You Went to Catholic School

Honoring, laughing with and apologizing... I am honoring, laughing with, and apologizing to our three children who may relate all too well to my reblog of the 20 Signs You Grew Up in Catholic School, below.  I read this post on the heels of my daughter and I attended a Catholic funeral a couple of … Continue reading 20 Signs You Went to Catholic School

Our Kent Island Adventure

On Saturday, July 3rd, 1966, (nearly 48 years ago), the closest available weather station to Kent Narrows on Kent Island, MD, was at Stevensville, a distance of 2.2 miles, 3.5 kilometers, or, 1.9 nautical miles. The historic weather conditions reported (and concur all too well within my still vivid memory) that the thermostat hit a whopping … Continue reading Our Kent Island Adventure

Our Deaf Heritage

I have had the following post in draft form for several months during which time there have been some Boling, Bolling, Bowling family members discussing whether deafness and hard of hearing runs in our family.  The answer is, in fact, that there have been Boling family members who were born deaf and some of those … Continue reading Our Deaf Heritage

Sharing Two Months of Moments…

It’s been nearly two months since I have posted anything new on my blog site. No, I haven’t had writer’s block, genealogical brick walls that I couldn’t break down, or been outside experiencing the snow and extreme winter temps. To the contrary, I believe I just became overwhelmed by the volume of my every day … Continue reading Sharing Two Months of Moments…