The Killing Spree . . . Our Ancestral Legacy

Attributing our traits to our ancestors Some days when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see glimpses of my ancestors. My once beautifully brilliant blue eyes; I remember seeing these same eyes in my maternal grandfather, Roy (a Ford from Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina).  Unfortunately, I also get my thick midriff from either or both--my … Continue reading The Killing Spree . . . Our Ancestral Legacy

Hello Again, Lathrops!

1800's:  Bradford County, Pennsylvania My maternal grandmother, Alice Lauretta Lathrop Ford [Loretta Ford], was born 121 years ago (March 7,1895), about 265 miles north of my home in southern Maryland. Wyalusing ("the good hunting ground"), her birthplace, was a small village in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and the town and its name remain there today. The 1891 … Continue reading Hello Again, Lathrops!

The Black Dot Experiment

Sometimes, the simplest stories grab our attention because . . . they carry important messages. Likewise in life, we sometimes overlook and take for granted the many wonderful things we have or that happen right under our noses.  Our focus often gets caught up in our smaller failures, disappointments, or relatively insignificant events. If only we opened our … Continue reading The Black Dot Experiment

Our World Is Full Of Circles

Our world is so very large and yet we seem to travel in circles For example, today I had an absolutely delightful and rare lunch date at a small cafe at Friendship Maryland's Herrington Harbor South Marina Resort on the Chesapeake Bay.  My daughter and I joined a mutual friend who we have had only limited contact with … Continue reading Our World Is Full Of Circles