Another Visit to Lottie’s Cardboard Box of Momentos

It's been six years since I tried to identify people or places in my paternal great-grandmother Lottie Taylor Chambers' photo box.  On my last visit, (July 1, 2014), I wrote about a poem that I knew had been written by Lottie's hand. In many instances these photos and momentos are over 100 years old.  Until … Continue reading Another Visit to Lottie’s Cardboard Box of Momentos

The Battle of Wilderness Farm – May 5-7, 1864

Many of my paternal ancestors lived in Spotsylvania County and, in fact, on the Wilderness Farm (my 2nd great-grandmother "Bettie Tapp [1834-1900] who married Lawrence T. Boling [1838-1910]). The following video is tailer from the new 3-part mini series on the History Channel about the Civil War Battle of Wilderness Farm [May 5-7, 1864], then … Continue reading The Battle of Wilderness Farm – May 5-7, 1864

Dogs Are Family, Too! – Part 6

It has been a mere seven months since we adopted Cinder Ella from Puppy Paws Rescue of Maryland. She has enamored us with her kindnesses, intelligence, playfulness, and gentleness.  She truly is a significant member of our family.  And her affection and attention to us has helped us better cope with these unusual Coronavirus days … Continue reading Dogs Are Family, Too! – Part 6

“United we stand; Divided we fall!”

As so many others are doing during this now fifth month of the global Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, I am turning to social media to maintain connections with family and friends.  In recent days, our millennial grandchildren have stepped forward with their voices about these unique times in our world's history.   I find their … Continue reading “United we stand; Divided we fall!”

Could Tobacco Cure Coronavirus?

Today is Wednesday, April 15, 2020.  Today's Coronavirus updates from Worldometers: Coronavirus Cases:    2,044,221 Active Cases:             1,407,599 Deaths:                          131,240 Recovered:                   505,282 For as long as I can remember people … Continue reading Could Tobacco Cure Coronavirus?

2020–A Year Without Equal for Most!

So far, 2020 has been the year of all years--one of a kind without equal for most of us! Beginning in December 2019, in Wuhan, China, a new coronavirus began appearing.  It was named Covid-19, a shortened form of “coronavirus disease of 2019.” No one on earth has an immunity to it because no one … Continue reading 2020–A Year Without Equal for Most!

How’s Your Standard For Living?

How often have you stepped back to look from the outside-in to remember all those perfect times in your life?  Was it that expensive video game that Santa brought you?  Your first kiss, graduation day, that great job you landed, your wedding day, the birth of your children? A lot of firsts and yet all … Continue reading How’s Your Standard For Living?

An Intimate Interview With My Dad – Part 4

8.  What are some of your indelible memories about World War II and the decade known as "The Fighting Forties" [Note:  According to the weather records, it was a mild Sunday in Washington, D.C., on December 7, 1941.  The temperatures were in the 40's] It was my BIG 13th birthday--the day I officially became a … Continue reading An Intimate Interview With My Dad – Part 4

On This Historic Day: From My Heart to Yours

Today, the United States Senate voted (for only for the third time in our country's history), to acquit its 45th President of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  While I'm not here to discuss party lines or political behaviors by either, both, or all parties participating in these events over the immediate … Continue reading On This Historic Day: From My Heart to Yours

Are You Committed to a Cause Greater Than Yourself?

This week's message at church was the last in a series called "The Kingdom," and today's sermon focused on "Kingdom Living." Our pastor of nearly 30 years, Robert Hahn, told us how he came to our church and to his calling as a minister right here in Calvert County, MD, in 1987, as a visitor … Continue reading Are You Committed to a Cause Greater Than Yourself?

Yes, at our Age, We Adopted

Our family just got a little larger... We adopted a baby girl. Her name is Cinder Ella. She came to us with a heartbreaking backstory. Cinder Ella's mom was just a young girl when she was molested and impregnated by an unknown male. Whomever she was staying with in turn dropped her off at a … Continue reading Yes, at our Age, We Adopted

An Intimate Exchange With Dad – Part 2

I hope you are following this series of interviews that I conducted with dad. If you have not yet read the first interview that begins with Question 1, I suggest you read it before moving forward. Question 2. What did you love to do in junior high school? "When I was 13 and 14, I … Continue reading An Intimate Exchange With Dad – Part 2

A Son’s Love of His Father

The video below was created and posted on Facebook on November 5, 2019, by my son-in-law to commemorate the 97th anniversary of his dad's birthday (William Lyle McDaniel III). Brian's dad left our world on February 13, 2006, but he also ingrained his values and love of family on him and others whose lives they … Continue reading A Son’s Love of His Father

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

My paternal grandfather, (Jesse Burton Boling: 1902-1978), was more or less a loner and lived much of his adult life with his children in their homes. As a boy he was raised on a farm in Fredericksburg next to the Chancellorsville Battlefield. There, he helped his family with their crops and chores--hence, his second grade … Continue reading “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

75 Years; Three Generations, Blue Collar Tradespersons

In earlier posts about my parents, Frank and Norma Boling, I mentioned that they met when they were in their mid-teens shortly after dad's 33-year-old estranged mom passed away in March 1944. But, I neglected to say where they were when they first met. You see, schools were on break for the summer and families … Continue reading 75 Years; Three Generations, Blue Collar Tradespersons

Manning Up; A True Role Model

IN MY OWN WORDS Role models in today's complex, angry, and stress-filled world are too few and far between. That's why I was exhilarated when our eldest grandson took time to so eloquently acknowledge one of his--Eli Manning--quarterback of the NFL's New York Giants Football Team for the previous 16 years! While grandson's words said … Continue reading Manning Up; A True Role Model

Life Is Peachy!

I recently asked family members to contribute articles about ther lives-- past and present,-- so we could compare lifestyles, belief systems and cultures to those of our ancestors. They have been somewhat slow in responding to my request. However, some of them freely share their thoughts and values on social media. So, when our son-in-law … Continue reading Life Is Peachy!

Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix!

The article that follows is a true story as told to me by son as we reminisced back 31 years and now can laugh about it: It was the Summer of 1988.  The weather ranged in the mid-80s to lower 90s.   I was 20, my Uncle John was five years older than me, and only … Continue reading Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix!

Hakuna Matata (No Worries)

Now septuagenarians, Bob and I just exited the Flagship Premium Cinemas--the same movie theatre location in Prince Frederick, Md, where we took our four grandchildren, one niece, and one nephew (ages 2-9) a mere 25 years ago to see the original June 24, 1994 release of "The Lion King," animated movie.  The day was Saturday, … Continue reading Hakuna Matata (No Worries)

As President Theodore Roosevelt stated: “[She’s]one of the great women of America”

99 Years Ago Today on July 20, 1920:  Alice Mary Robertson (1854-1931) elected by Americans as 2nd  Congresswoman in the United States Nationality:  American BORN:  Oklahoma Territory PARTY:  Republican Americans recently have been inundated with the viral discord between the Executive Office and the freshman "squad," of congresswomen, (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib) all … Continue reading As President Theodore Roosevelt stated: “[She’s]one of the great women of America”