Walt Whitman’s Battles of Chancellorsville: Horrific Wounds, Night Fighting, and Other “Strange and Fearful Pictures”

Mysteries and Conundrums blogs about Civil War Battles in Virginia stir deep emotions in me as I try to imagine the fear. horrors, and impact of families during these times. The Bolling family, my grandfather, 3 great grandfathers and their families (descendants from the Bolling family originally from England) and descendants of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, lived for decades (1802-1946) on Elys Ford Road immediately adjacent to major Civil War Battles at Chancellorsville, Five Forks, and the Wilderness Farms. In fact the now infamous “Widow Tapp” was my 3rd great grandmother. The bulk of the Bolling descendants also lived in Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties, and in Petersburg. Where Widow Tapp lived a simple and poor life in Spotsylvania County, Robert Bolling IV in 1823 built the Bollingbrook Mansion, known today as Centre Hill Mansion Museum. Thank you again for these wonderful posts.

Mysteries & Conundrums

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This year’s sesquicentennial commemorations of the Battle of Chancellorsville will build upon long traditions of eyewitness, published narrative and non-eyewitness scholarship.  Yet I’ve been fascinated lately to realize that Chancellorsville inspired Walt Whitman to make, forcefully, one of his earliest contrarian forecasts for writing about the Civil War, a view that he later expressed in the now-famous sentence, “The real war will never get in the books.”

Whitman’s longest-known rumination on Chancellorsville, dated May 12, 1863, asked

Of scenes like these, I say, who writes—who e’er can write, the story?  Of many a score—aye, thousands, North and South, of unwritten heroes, unknown heroisms, incredible, impromptu, first-class desperations—who tells?  No history, ever—No poem sings, no music sounds, those bravest men of all—those deeds.  Nor formal General’s report, nor print, nor book in the library, nor column in the paper, embalms the bravest, North or South, East or West.


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THANKFUL THURSDAY: The Best Things In Life Are Free – Part 1

The best things in life are free, especially the gifts of our ancestors whose trailblazing contributions started first in the colony of Virginia (Jamestown, 1607) and then in Plymouth (1620) over 400 years ago. These settlers from England, Wales, Scotland, Holland, and Ireland bonded together to form our religious, social, business and industry, government, education, … Continue reading THANKFUL THURSDAY: The Best Things In Life Are Free – Part 1

What Our Elderly Can Offer

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The Changing Story of Race in America & in Our Family

In my efforts to find out when and how the Boling family came to the infamous Ely's Foard Road property in Spotsylvania County, Fredericksburg, VA, I was merging individual family timelines into one to identify the earliest beginnings of the family name at this residence. As always in research, one thing leads to another and … Continue reading The Changing Story of Race in America & in Our Family

Life Choices of a Roaring 20’s Teen Mom

Although chronologically, this post may be out of sequence, it will be one of several that I plan to write about my grandmother, Helen Louise Chambers Boling, who died at age 32 when my dad Frank Burton Boling was 16, and long before I was ever thought of. It was my dad's 13th birthday when … Continue reading Life Choices of a Roaring 20’s Teen Mom

Charles R. Hale Brings to Life and Shares His Grandfather’s 1930’s Space and Time

The video that follows gives all of us genealogists and geneabloggers much to aspire to. The integration of Charles Hale's research, background content, overall composition, photos, music, and the tone and pulse of his narrative provides a fabulous tribute to not only his grandfather's story, but to Mr. Hale's work as a family historian who … Continue reading Charles R. Hale Brings to Life and Shares His Grandfather’s 1930’s Space and Time


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away Author Unknown

January 24th – Join the Bolling Family Mansion Ghost Watch –

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From Everyday Moments May Come Precious Memories

My Times with Four Generations of Our Ford Family in Maryland: 1947-1968 Following a restless sleep in which Childhood stories and memories kept creeping into my mind, I felt compelled to write them down for sharing with others before these memories get lost forever in the chaos of everyday life. Much of the following are … Continue reading From Everyday Moments May Come Precious Memories

Diversity Among Friends in the 1950s

My maternal grandmother (mamma) Alice Loretta Lathrop Ford and her son, my Uncle John Austin Ford, were known for liking people and keeping them close. A few of these people stand out in my memories from the 1950s (in no specific order). Robert Peterson, “Pete”: A 30ish, handsome, slightly built man of American Indian descent … Continue reading Diversity Among Friends in the 1950s

Two Pence for Your Thoughts…

Getting to Know the Origins of the Lowthorpe/Lo-Lathrop Family Line My maternal grandmother, Alice Lauretta Lathrop Ford came from the Lowthorpe/Lathrop family line. To put into context her family's origins, we need to better comprehend the geographies and the commmunities in which our ancestors lived before arriving in the colonies. And, this required more study … Continue reading Two Pence for Your Thoughts…

The Genealogy of Jazz, Blues, and Country Music

Going back generations and including this century and the past, our family has been music lovers, singers, song writers and players of different music and instruments. This reblog post is honoring them and their God-given talents.

Techno-Music School

This is a family tree representing the genealogy of Music, may it be from Cuba, Jamaica, or the USA.Now everything written in red is from Cuba, black is from Africa, Green is Jamaica, Blue is from America, and Grey music genres are from other parts of the world, like Europe.I hope this will help you know where the music you play comes from !

The Genealogy of All Musical Genres

Note : “Afro” refers to multiple african music genres, such as Rhumba,  religious music, and Comparsa…

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Put the kettle on? When tea drinkers were viewed as irresponsible as whiskey drinkers

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Grave Matters

How many of us visit cemeteries or grave sites of our loved ones once they've past? I, for one, did not until about 18 months ago. That's about the time I retired and knew that I wanted to dedicate some of my new found time in some cases to identifying those I never knew, those … Continue reading Grave Matters

John Austin Ford, II: 5 Oct 1948 – 10 Dec 2012, Age 64

It is with great sadness that I share with you the passing on Monday, December 10, 2012, of my maternal 1st cousin, John Austin Ford, II, 64 Years, 2 months, and 5 days old, of Chatham County, North Carolina. Recently, John had been in the University Of North Carolina (UNC) Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North … Continue reading John Austin Ford, II: 5 Oct 1948 – 10 Dec 2012, Age 64

Will Baby be Witch or Warlock?–Revisited

2 Mar 2013: While continuing my research into accused witches in New England, I discovered additional resources1. It appears that Mrs. Rachel Fuller, wife of John Fuller of Hampton, CT, may replace Lydia "witch" Gilbert (still looking for maiden name confirmation that she might have been a Lathrop), on my list of possible ancestors who … Continue reading Will Baby be Witch or Warlock?–Revisited