đť„žWe are F-a-m-i-l-y â™¬

If you are a grandmother you may be one of a select few who understands the gravity of your intimate relationships with your grandchildren and their parents who by the way are your children that hopefully you and their father raised together. Now, none of us was handed a parenting guide when we discovered we … Continue reading đť„žWe are F-a-m-i-l-y â™¬

Remembering Robert

About Grandsons Grandsons make us Proud. Grandsons listen to Family stories, even when they go on and on. Grandsons Surprise and delight us, and sometimes shock us a little. Grandsons know what's Cool, and they keep us up on it, too. Grandsons make us feel Important and wise. Grandsons add Fun to any occasion. Everybody should be … Continue reading Remembering Robert

Nearly 75 Years Later – A Family’s Unanswered Questions and Unsolved Mysteries Unravel

My Family of Secrets A year ago, nearly exactly to the day, I wrote a rather long and personal post about my paternal grandparents and great-grandparents--the Bollings and the Chambers.  From its title, you can infer that there were some unanswered questions and mysteries surrounding these people and their relationships that dated back years before … Continue reading Nearly 75 Years Later – A Family’s Unanswered Questions and Unsolved Mysteries Unravel

Daily Prompt: The Normal

The Normal--a Coincidence--a Good Thing, A Bad Thing, Neither? It's more than coincidence when the daily prompt request, "The Normal," falls on the heels of the end to a 7-week teaching series at my church on "The Real Normal."  So, feeling compelled to respond from a higher authority, and with the help of my church … Continue reading Daily Prompt: The Normal

A Poem to Me Mudder

Friday, May 14, 2021: This post that I wrote eight years ago just prior to father's day awakened my emotions once again.  This Father's Day will be our family's first without our patriarch.  In addition to COVID, lack of civility toward each other and even racist- and political-based civil unrest leaving coworkers, family, and friends … Continue reading A Poem to Me Mudder

I’ve Got the Music In Me – Part 6

Bach's Jesu' Joy of Man's Desiring My Beautiful and talented GREAT Niece - Alyssa Nicole LaLone on Saturday, June 1, 2013, granddaughter of my brother Frank and his wife Diane, and daughter of their daughter, Jessica and Todd LaLone,  celebrates her 8th birthday. I've Got The Music In Me (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, or Part 5) … Continue reading I’ve Got the Music In Me – Part 6

Busted “Brick Wall” Reveals More “Chambers”

It's absolutely exhilarating to bust through a genealogical brick wall and reveal more "Chambers" that until now had been hidden from our family. Since 1980 when I first started manually compiling our history I had gleaned only limited information about my dad's maternal Chambers' family from Pennsylvania. If you read my post from a couple … Continue reading Busted “Brick Wall” Reveals More “Chambers”

My Family of Secrets

Helen Louise Chambers Boling (1 Jul 1911 - 16 Mar 1944) My Paternal Great Grandmother: Obituary On Thursday, March 16, 1944, at Baltimore, MD., Helen L. Boling, the wife of Jessie Boling, mother of Frank, Dolores and Barbara Boling and daughter of Frank and Lottie Chambers. Services at the Chambers funeral home, 517 11th st. … Continue reading My Family of Secrets

Five Generations Together, If Only For A Day!

Easter 2013  Easter always has meant church first and giving thanks to Jesus for his sacrifices for us, then spending the day with our earthly family of loved ones, breaking bread together, hunting for Easter eggs, and giving everyone—young to old--a chocolate Easter bunny on their way home. This year, we are especially fortunate because … Continue reading Five Generations Together, If Only For A Day!

Dad-Daughter Relationships

Two happenings over the past couple of days prompted this post: The first was intended to be a routine doctor's appointment for my 84 year old dad, Frank Burton Boling. It was a follow up for a sore that required special wound care because of dad's diabetes and peripheral artery disease. As it turns out, … Continue reading Dad-Daughter Relationships