And, together they danced…

The Month for Lovers Continues... My niece, Caitlyn Boling (daughter of my brother John Arthur and his wife Joyce), and her new husband Anthony Rubio, honored my parents' (Frank and Norma Boling) 70 years of marriage together (2/5/1946) at their wedding this past Sunday, February 21, with an Anniversary Dance especially for them. As some … Continue reading And, together they danced…

Let him have his memories…

The picture below is just one of several taken at our home in Capitol Heights, Maryland.  It was a New Year's Eve Party  hosted by my parents Frank and Norma Boling on Thursday, December 31, 1953. (And, in less than a week, I would turn 7 years old.) Among their guests were close knit family and … Continue reading Let him have his memories…

Memorial Bridge’s Lion Statues in Netflix’s “House of Cards” Credits

As I busily digitize photos from my parents family photo album, I am studying each picture more closely and noticing surroundings and items that I haven't consciously taken the time to observe before in all the many times and years of looking through them.  What I do notice is that our family of the 1950's was … Continue reading Memorial Bridge’s Lion Statues in Netflix’s “House of Cards” Credits

February is for Lovers…and that Includes Our Parents

Just two days ago, on the one year anniversary of my blogpost "Hope, Love, Peace, and Tomorrow" I updated it.  The original post began with: “and they lived happily ever after.” "February is the month for lovers and hopeless romantics who like me believe in love at first sight, true and everlasting love, and fairy tale … Continue reading February is for Lovers…and that Includes Our Parents

Hope, Love, Peace, and Tomorrow

Wedding Day - 117 C Street S.E.

Wedding Day – 117 C Street S.E.

Last night we celebrated our parents, Frank and Norma Boling’s, 70th Wedding Anniversary and all family that possibly could meet up did so at their home of nearly 60 years. You see, my parents were 17 and 18 when they eloped to Ellicott City, MD, and were married by a justice of the peace. There was not any formal celebration because at that time, my mother’s family didn’t really like my dad. Mostly, I think, because they thought he was Italian??? Go figure, the ethnicity stigmas of those days that unfortunately still exist in our culture today! Well, here we are 70 years later, three children, nine grand children, 10 great grandchildren, and 4 great-great grandchildren with yet another on the way! For the most part Frank and Norma grew up together had many happy years and memories; and according to mom yesterday, some were not so happy as others, but they were just part of everyone’s life’s path and commitment to each other.

Mom and Dad -2-7-2016These days both are frail and suffer the all too common disease among our elderly today–Alzheimer’s. Yesterday, both of them barely showed their emotions, but it was a day where family supported and comforted each other and celebrated times together of the past and the day. Thank you to all who sent cards and messages with wishes of love and good times for the future. We, the Boling-Ford-Dickinson-Family hope you and yours have a wonderful February filled with love for each other and an especially great Valentine’s Day! (In the picture to the right, you can see that dad is still recovering from a tough fall that he took in the hallway on January 10th.–Mom is 88, dad turned 87 on December 7th. So fortunate to still have them with us.)

Our Unbounded Heritage: 12th Century & Beyond

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It was Wunnerful, Wunnerful While it Lasted

It's been over a month since any inspiration has come to me to write a post on my family history and genealogy page.  And then, this morning, I watched a video that took me back to my early teens.  My maternal grandmother, Alice Lauretta (Loretta) Lathrop Ford, had suffered several heart attacks and now lived with my parents, … Continue reading It was Wunnerful, Wunnerful While it Lasted

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