11th great-grandfather John Rolfe died 401 years ago.

Yesterday (March 22, 2023), marked the 401st anniversary of the death of my 11th great-grandfather, America’s first entrepreneur, John Rolfe.

This video produced by Native American History covers events since the founding of Jamestown in 1607 in the English Colony of Virginia and Powhatan Confederacy territory until the Jamestown massacre of 1622. It shows the relationship between the Native Americans of the Powhatan Confederacy and the English colonists. My 11th great grandfather, John Rolfe, was among the 350 colonists killed during this massacre. Many conflicts took place between the Powhatans and the English during this time resulting in the First Anglo Powhatan war, the second Anglo Powhatan war and the third Anglo Powhatan war.

One thought on “11th great-grandfather John Rolfe died 401 years ago.

  1. Thanks Joanne -we have just got home after visiting Gravesend for five days for their special POCAHONTAS DAY Celebrations 406th on Tuesday March 21st 2023 at St Georges Church + Mothers Day Sunday Service+ a Pocahontas history talk on Saturday + history walk of Gravesend BOTH with Christoph Bull and I will send photos by email and I shared ALL our archives to preserve for ever -LOTS of extras found recently now on my POCAHONTAS HEACHAM HISTORY group Facebook and MORE to add later this week .


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