Celebrating America’s Veterans On This Day!

Our family's men after the colonial days became fighters in the Revolutionary, Civil, 1812, and yes, even the Indian Wars between 1850-1890). My maternal great-grandfather, John Carpenter Ford, was born January 15, 1864, (a Capricorn like myself), in Wake County, North Carolina (a Confederate state) in the midst of the American Civil War. According to … Continue reading Celebrating America’s Veterans On This Day!

Our First Thanksgiving in Plymouth

Pilgrims and Indians sat down to a feast peacefully around this time of the year in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the early 1600s as the "first" Thanksgiving. According to a letter from Plymouth colonist Edward Winslow dated December 11, 1621, the colonists wanted to celebrate their first good crop of corn and barley grown with generous … Continue reading Our First Thanksgiving in Plymouth

Writer And Adventurer -I’m Still Going Strong!

I have authored three children's books since my last post here, and two of them have been released. My first book "If Only I Was Special" is about a little dog named Hashbrown, who has forgotten he is unique. His wish-filled quest for specialness is vividly illustrated in colorful images. My second book, "Hi I'm … Continue reading Writer And Adventurer -I’m Still Going Strong!