Ancestors, Life, and Other Stuff

As I sit here today, eight years last week since my first blog post, I am reflecting back across 366 stories that I wrote about "stuff".  And, this past weekend at church the message to parishioners was about "stuff."It strikes me that I had initially so very little information about my ancestors beyond my maternal … Continue reading Ancestors, Life, and Other Stuff’s Newest Mobile App Identifies Iconic Ancestors and Relatives

An End to Years of Tedious Research? Over the course of my 35+ often tedious years of researching and documenting family histories, obviously, I have discovered many ancestors and even living relatives who I wasn't aware were connected to our family.  Nevertheless, during their lives for whatever reason(s), they left indelible marks on our world's history … Continue reading’s Newest Mobile App Identifies Iconic Ancestors and Relatives

Acknowledging’s Assembled Content and Delivery Systems

I am quite impressed with some major and recent improvements in's products and services marketing.  Yes, that's right, I said "the ugly word--marketing, " as inferred by those who haven't been involved in it or have been the victims of marketing done poorly.  Yet, I'm here to give credit to Ancestry where credit is … Continue reading Acknowledging’s Assembled Content and Delivery Systems

Adding “Genetic Communities” to My DNA Results

Evaluating My DNA Testing Results It has probably been three or more years since I first received my DNA test results that I ordered through  Initially, I was very disappointed with the look and feel of Ancestry's DNA feature--it merely showed (based upon my DNA sample test), that I descended from Europeans who had migrated … Continue reading Adding “Genetic Communities” to My DNA Results

Addicted to Genealogy

For the Love of a Dear Sister After many years as an (the world's largest online history resource) subscriber and enthusiastic supporter, I went looking for a similar but free resource for a friend of 40 years (who's like or better than a biological sister to me) who has never been consumed like me by … Continue reading Addicted to Genealogy

Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker

I responded to Ancestry the very instant I finished reading their announcement to retire Family Tree Maker.  If, after reading this story, you feel compelled to do the same I encourage you to do so at: Our Families and their Untold Stories Posted by Susie Higginbotham on December 10, 2015  The genealogy community is all … Continue reading Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker

A Girl Jekyll and Hyde Who Embezzled $110,000

I subscribe to World Explorer which gives me full access to everything Ancestry has available, including, the military records site, and, which includes unlimited access to more than 50 million pages from more than 1800 newspapers across the United States with billions of articles, obituaries, and announcements that may contain stories of my … Continue reading A Girl Jekyll and Hyde Who Embezzled $110,000

Irish-American Heritage Month: March 2014

DNA Test Reveals 10% Irish Ancestry From my DNA report--A Look Into My Irish Ancestry - Primarily in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, but some lived in France, and England: I guess the DNA results that revealed my blood lineage as 10 percent Irish, allow me to legitimately wear green today to honor my Irish heritage.  Ireland, … Continue reading Irish-American Heritage Month: March 2014

“A Sad Mistake”

Each January I renew my subscription to  This year my annual fee increased by nearly 30 percent.  However, two additional tools were incorporated into my Worldwide subscription: full access to (the web's premier collection of original military records) and also (digital access to 2,200 U.S. Newspapers dating from 1700 to current day).  And, I … Continue reading “A Sad Mistake”