My Children’s Books Page Launches Here

It might have crossed your mind that I had stopped blogging.  Not at all.  Through my blog’s stories that provide mirrors to the future, I have been reflecting on the past and looking forward.  With the end of 2022 closing in on us, I also have been searching for data about bloggers and blog readers.

According to Finances Online Reviews for Business:  In 2020, there were around 31.7 million bloggers in the US according to estimates, up from approximately 28 million bloggers in 2015. That accounts for over 10% of the country’s population. Despite the fact that social networking sites have gained tremendous popularity over the years, blogging is still one of the most popular activities as 77% of Internet users still read blogs every day.  These facts make me hopeful that my 10+ years of blogging have not been in vain.

However, my blogging niche is very focused on family history, ancestry, and genetics, which results in a much smaller yet very targeted, and often older, reader audience. In addition, I am committed to educating the next generation about how they fit into this chaotic and callous world and how they can make a difference based on their history and ancestry.

To address these shortcomings on my site, I have launched a new page: My Children’s Books. The stories here are intended to help children learn values and virtues through their reading experiences.  My first two books appear on My Children’s Book page. 
The third book is in production at the illustrator’s.   My illustrator provides magnificent colorful backdrops and helps bring my stories and characters to life. So, please, friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents, and others click on the link above to preview and/or purchase one or more books to inspire a child to find joy in reading.

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